Bravat Faucets By Dietsche Review & Rating Updated: 04/09/22

China Flag
Bravat (China) GmbH

Trading as
Bravat Professional Bathroom Design Company
21st floor,
Poly Int'l Plaza, South Tower
No.1 Pa Zhou Avenue.E.
Hai Zhu District
Guang Zhou 510308 China

Contact Information
(800) 820-5330
Business Type
Product Range
Kitchen and Bath Faucets
Street Price
Bravat: $330-$1,900
Warranty Score1
Mechanical Parts
Proof of Purchase
Meets U.S. Warranty
Law Requirements

Warranty Footnotes

1. Bravat claims a 5 or 10 year faucet warranty but has been unable to provide us with documentation showing the existence of a North Amer­ican warranty. The federal Mag­nu­son-Moss War­ranty Act (15 U.S.C. §2301) requires all consumer product warranties to be in writing.

This Company In Brief

Bravat (China) GmbH sells Chinese-made faucets along with other sanitary wares including sinks, shower components, tubs, and accessories, also made in China.

Bravat faucets are sold over the internet, primarily at retail sites that host third-party sellers such as Amazon and Wayfair.

Some of the Bravat faucets are distinctive designs and a few have won design awards, but most are fairly typical Chinese faucets of no particular design distinction.

Bravat manufactures most of its faucets, but contracts out for some manufacturing to other Chinese companies.

Bravat is a brand name introduced by Roman Dietsche GmbH, a German company founded in 1873 to manufacture rooms and brushes.

By the 1960s, faced with growing competition from cheaper Asian imports, it turned to the manufacture of bathroom fittings and accessories, selling under the Bravat, Roman Dietsch, and Enzo Rodi brands.

The change in focus did not save the company. It was ordered into bankruptcy in 2008, [1] and was purchased out of bankruptcy in the same year by IBP Glo­bal Trad­ing, Ltd., a holding company based in the U.K.

Over the next few years IBP moved design and production of Roman Detsche sanitary products to China where it was taken over by an IBP subsidiary, Bravat Plumbing Industrial Co., Ltd.

IBP closed the last of Dietsche's German factories in 2015. The company's original headquarters has been shuttered and its administration merged into IBP offices in Linden, Germany.

The eviscerated Ro­man Dietsche GmbH is at present just a shell that owns the Bravat® and Enzo Rodi® brands which are registered trademarks in the U.S. the U.K., the E.U., and China. It also owns the Ro­man Dietsch trademark in the U.S.

Its value to IBP is its pedigree. It allows the IBP to claim a German manufacturing heritage dating back to 1873, never mentioning that the company started out making brooms and brushes and today manufactures not a single product of any kind or that none of the manufacturing takes place in Germany.

The pedigree is why the faucets can be promoted by IBP as Bravat by Dietsche rather than just Bravat. It is not, however,involved in either the manufacturing or distribution of Bravat products.

Bravat (China) GmbH handles the distribution of faucets and sanitary wares for IBP. It is chartered in Germany but operates out of Guangzhou, China sharing its address with Bravat Plumbing Industrial Co., Ltd., the Chinese manufacturer that makes most of the Bravat-branded faucets sold in the U.S. and Canada.

However, we have found a number of Bravat faucets that are manufactured by Seagull Kitchen and Bath Products Co., Ltd. and sensor faucets manufactured by shan Aqua Gallery Company Limited under contract to Bravat.Both companies are located in Guangdong, China

Bravat (China) GmbH does not own Bravat Plumbing Industrial, however. It has been owned since 2000 by yet another IBP subsidiary, Bra­vat Plumb­ing In­dustr­ial LLC, a U.S. corporation chartered in Delaware.

Bravat and are the company's principal brands.

Bravat is its premium line. It sells original faucet designs, most of which are created in-house by Bravat.

is Bra­vat's mid-priced line of decorative fixtures, sanitary wares, and accessories. (We review this brand separately. Click on the name to go to the review.)

Bravat products are distributed primarily in Ger­many and the former Sov­iet Bloc counties in Eastern Eur­ope. They are also sold in the Mid­dle East, parts of As­ia, and Ocean­ia (Aust­ral­ia, New Zea­land, and the Pac­ific island nations).

Some Bravat faucets are made by Seagull Kitchen and Bath Products Co., Ltd.. Bravat buys them from Seagull's . They are not custom or original designs.

An example of a Seagull faucet sold under the Bravat nameplate is the Twist faucet, shown above, a faucet that is sold by a numer of importers including Bravat, Enzo Rodi, and Ultra. At one time it was also available from but has now been discontinued by that company.

Seagull also supplies faucets to

Bravat Iceberg basic faucet in chrome.

Many Bravat faucets are original designs created within the company. Some Bravat faucets have won international design awards including several iF awards.

Originality in Chinese designs is unusual. Bravat's award-winning designs are the exception rather than the rule. Most faucets manufactured by Chinese companies tend to be middle-of-the-road and follow the pack rather than lead it. The goal of Asian faucet manufacturers is to sell as many faucets as possible, which means keeping their designs well within the mainstream to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.

Designs are often adopted from Eur­ope and North America. A style that sells well in these major markets will often be imitated by Asian factories with minor variations to avoid patent infringement lawsuits. The lag time is usually 3 to 5 years, so by the time a design appears in a Chinese faucet it is no longer new. Bravat faucets manufactured by Seagull Kitchen and Bath Products fall into this category. The designs are pleasant enough but dated.

Bravat Gina basin faucet in chrome.

Bravat has no infrastructure in North America. It sells only through internet retail sales sites that host third-party sellers such as Amazon, that handle inventory, order-taking, fulfillment, and returns. What these sites do not handle, however, is long-term post-sale support needed to take care of any warranty claims. Bravat tries to handle these from its base in China, but the result has not been a great success.

The lack of infrastructure means that there is no Bravat customer service in the U.S. or Canada. Bravat at one time had a toll-free customer service telephone number. It no longer does. It also provides an email address (See the Summary above) through which customers may contact the company. Operators are, however, located in China, so don't expect a quick response.

As far as we can determine, Bravat faucets are not guaranteed. We have not been able to find a Bravat warranty, not even with the paperwork that came in the boxes with our Bravat test faucets. We have requested a copy of the U.S. and Canada warranty from Bravat (China) GmbH, but Bravat has not responded to these requests as of the date of this report.

Fully comparable faucets imported from Asia comparable to Bravat include:

There is no reason to buy a Bravat faucet. None are certified safe to joint Canadian/U.S. standards. One of the other importers listed above that sell Chinese-made faucets is almost certainly a better choice. All sell certified faucets and all have some sort of warranty on their faucets – many for the lifetime of the faucet.

Bravat faucets are not certified safe, reliable, and lead-free to U.S./Canadian standards and may not be legally installed in a drinking water system. If you do install a Bravat faucet in your home and get caught, at the very least you will have to remove it, and at worst you are looking at a criminal citation and a hefty fine.

The faucets also have no manufacturer's warranty and customer service at the only retailers that sell them, one of Maysara Sadiq's virtual stores, is spotty at best. There are also no replacement parts for the faucets on this side of the Pacific ocean, so if the faucet breaks, there will be a problem getting parts in a timely fashion, if they are available at all.

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Bravat or Enzo Rodi faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.


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