THG Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 05/06/21

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6601 Lyons Road
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
(954) 425-8225

THG Paris
35 rue Tournière - BP 80212
Business Type
Product Range
Kitchen, Bath, Prep and Bar Faucets
Street Price
$1,400 - $20,000+
Warranty Score
Polished Chrome Finish
All Other Finishes
1 year
Mechanical Parts
5 years
Proof of Purchase
Meets U.S. Warranty
Law Requirements

Warranty Footnotes:

1. The term "lifetime" is not defined.
2. The warranty is missing quaifying language required by the U.S. Mag­nu­son-Moss War­ranty Act (15 U.S.C. §2301). However, the missing language does not diminish the rights of the faucet buyer, and in may actually strengthen those rights.

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This Company In Brief

THG is a French manufacturer from Picardy of what are some of the most expensive luxury faucets made in the world. THG offers hundreds of fixture collections ranging in style from classical to contemporary-chic, comprised of thousands of individual faucet designs, most of which may be customized as much as your purse will allow, and all of which are part of a collection of coordinated fittings and accessories.

THG USA is an American importer of luxury bathware and kitchen collections from the House of Tetard, Haudiquez, and Grisoni of Picardy, France.

Formally organized as ETS Tetard Haudiquez Grisoni, SAS, the company is universally known by its initials, THG or, more recently, TGH Paris (although it is not, in fact, located in Paris).

A family business founded in 1956, THG got into the luxury bath fittings business in the 1970s after its association with designer Jean-Claude Delépine, one of the early international product design superstars.

THG offers hundreds of fixture collections comprised of thousands of individual faucet designs, most of which can be customized as much as your purse will allow, and all of which are part of a collection of coordinated fittings and accessories.

Its faucets range from classical to contemporary-chic, with many variations in between. The company's current roll-call of designers features a Who's Who of international industrial and product design including fashion designer Chantal Thomass; architects Olivier Gossart, Rémi Tessier, Alberto Pinto, and Jamie Drake; interior designers; Pierre-Yves Rochon, Olivier Gagnère; and Andrée and Olivia Putman of Studio Putman.

Many THG collections are designed in collaboration with other luxury product producers including crystal manufacturers Daum Studio; Lalique and Baccarat, silver artisans Christofle, and manufacturers of fine china, Bernardaud and Manufacture de Monaco.

Faucets are available in more than 40 impeccable plated finishes and can be enhanced with all manner of precious metals, crystals, and semi-precious stones.

The company is one of few faucet manufacturers left in the world to integrate the entire production process in one company — from design and engineering to casting, tooling, and plating. The faucets are made almost completely by hand by the company's over 200 craftsmen in the THG factory in Bethancourt-Sur-Mer, Picardy.

THG keeps very little stock. Most faucets are manufactured to order, so expect long, long lead times. Prices rise very quickly from mildly extortionate to stratospheric, depending on finish and options. You can buy a new car for the price of some THG faucets. Over 80% of its products are exported, and North America is its largest export market.

As expensive as its products are, one would think a more robust and customer-friendly warranty would be in order. The mechanics of the faucets are warranted for just five years. This is despite an excellent ceramic cartridge value used in most THG faucets. Some finishes are warranted for five years, some for less, and some not at all. You have to read the specifications for each finish to find out how long the company expects it to last.

In addition to manufacturing faucets for sale under its own brand name, THG manufactures faucets for other faucet companies.

It has an ongoing relationship with the U.S. importer, Most Waterworks faucets are made by THG. These are not THG designs. Waterworks designs its own faucets. THG also distributes some of the Waterworks collection of faucets in Europe and Asia as its "Waterworks Collection" which it promotes as its "New York" style. In the U.S., by contrast, Waterworks faucets are promoted as the epitome of French styling. Certainly, proof that style is a matter of viewpoint.

THG formerly made some faucets for This relationship now appears to have largely ended. Kallista faucets are now manufactured mostly in-house by Kohler.

Faucets comparable to THG in quality if not in style include

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with THG faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.