Novatto Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 05/21/21

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Warranty Footnotes:

1. "Novatto warrants to the original consumer purchaser for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns their home (the Warranty Period for homeowners), this faucet will be free from defects in material and workmanship."
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This Company In Brief

Novatto is a sink company that also sells kitchen and bath sink faucets, bathroom furniture, and some accessories, all imported from China. The faucet collection includes a generous selection of faucets designed to be used with vessel sinks to complement the company's extensive collection of vessel sinks for the bath.

Novatto sells through showrooms and plumbing supply houses such as Briggs; big box lumber stores like Sutherlands, Lowes, and Builders Warehouse; and online through ATG Stores (a Lowes affiliate), Faucet Direct,, Amazon, Wayfair, and discount sites such as CyberMonday and NinjaSteals.

The faucets are of reasonable quality but with no design distinction. They are largely indistinguishable from faucets sold by any number of importers of Chinese-made faucets.

Novatto, Inc. is a South Dakota corporation organized in 2011 by Robert Mark Vander Waal. Its principal business address, however, is in Phoenix, Arizona. It is primarily a bathroom and kitchen sink company that also sells bathroom and kitchen sink faucets, bathroom furnishings, and some accessories. All products, so far as we can determine, are imported from China.

Novatto Faucets

Notatto's principal faucet supplier appears to be Wenzhou Haijun Sanitary Hardware Co., Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer that also supplies a few

The faucets are designs owned by Haijun, neither created for nor exclusive to Novatto. For example, the Novatto GF-136 Eclipse faucet, pictured above, is in the Haijun general catalog as the 81H36 faucet.

The faucets are fairly conservative, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Chinese faucet designs tend to be conservative.

Chinese factories make money selling mass-market faucets to mass-market customers, and to reach the widest customer base keep their designs well within conventional design limits. There are few design adventures in China and none in the Novatto collection.

Novatto Retail Sources

Novatto sells through plumbing supply houses and showrooms such as Briggs Kit­chen and Bath; big box lumber stores like Suther­lands, Lowes, and Men­ards; and online through Ama­zon, Way­fair, and Over­stock. A "showroom locator" on the website facilitates finding a retailer by zip code, but it is not always up to date.

The company's forté appears to be selling vessel sinks with matching vessel faucets as a set. This is a niche market, but probably a successful niche since it is thinly occupied.

Novatto Website

At our last update, we noted that the company gave the impression of one that was not quite ready for prime time. A lot of things were seemingly left undone including the website which was incomplete with many features that did not work and links that lead nowhere.

Things have improved. The website seems finished. All of its features work. The search function is accurate and efficient. The information provided about individual faucets is better, but still not sufficient for a truly informed buying decision.

Faucets are illustrated with several images, including one or more of the faucets installed in a bath or kitchen setting. Several images make visualizing the faucet much easier than a single image.

Even better are the 360° views provided by companies such as Clicking on the 360° icon displays the fau­cet in a box that allows the viewer to rotate the faucet with the mouse to view it from any angle.

The finishes available for each fau­cet are shown in a drop-down menu so the preferred finish can be easily selected. The usual finishes are chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black.

Some of the time finishes are listed in plain English. For many fau­cets, however, finishes are displayed in code. Why? We have no idea, but it is certainly not very handy.

To make a finish selection, you have to know, for example, that "NBF-01OORB" means oil-rubbed bronze or that NBF-084BN is brushed nickel.

Additional information about the faucet is displayed under four tabs. The "Details" tab is the default, displayed initially when the page is shown. The other tabs are displayed only if you click on them.

The installation instructions are useful to have in advance of purchase so your plumber can identify any problems that may occur at installation in the particular location you have chosen. The link to warranty information is not only useful but required by recent additions to the Federal Trade Commission's consumer product warranty regulations.

The .pdf Specification Sheet is not a true specification sheet, which is used to provide very detailed information about the faucet usually including a dimensioned drawing and possibly an exploded parts diagram. This "specification sheet" is what the world of interior design and architecture calls a which duplicates much of the information under the Detail tab but in a form that can be easily printed.

Novatto Valves & Cartridges

Missing in this cornucopia of information, however, is the identity of the ceramic cartridge used in the faucet. The cartridges we examined are clearly of Chinese origin but contain no maker marks that identify the manufacturer. These could be from any of a dozen manufacturers, some making good cartridges, some not so good.

Its ceramic cartridge is the heart of a modern faucet. The cartridge controls water flow and (in single-handle faucets) water temperature. With a working cartridge, a faucet is a faucet doing what faucets do: metering water in a safe and controlled manner. Without a working cartridge, a faucet is just a strange-looking paperweight. So, it is important that the ceramic cartridge is tough, durable, and long-lived. Without knowing the origin of the cartridge, it is not possible to determine its quality. Generally, companies that sell faucets with top-line cartridges are not at all shy about advertising the fact. Companies that don't use top-quality cartridges are more hesitant.

If the cartridge is not identified, we assume it is not one of these top-drawer cartridges.

Legal Defects in the Novatto Warranty

The Novatto faucet warranty does not meet the minimum legal requirements for a consumer warranty mandated by the Mag­nu­son-Moss War­ranty Act (15 U.S.C. §2308).

Possible manufacturers include Sedal S.L.U. and Weingbo Wanhai Cartridge Technology Co., Ltd..

Sedal is chartered in Spain so it is frequently referred to by the manufacturers that use it as a European cartridge. But, the cartridges are made in China. They are popular among Chinese manufacturers making faucets for the North Am­er­i­can market.

Wanhai cartridges are more commonlyy used in Chinese-manufactured faucets destined for the European Union where the company sells under the Quore brand from offices in Spain and Italy. However, some are starting to appear in Chinese-made faucets sold in North America (See e.g. BWE faucets.)

For more information on the types of faucet valves and cartridges and advantages and drawbacks of each type, see Faucet Valves & Cartridges.

Novatto Warranty

The Novatto warranty is the standard North American limited lifetime warranty pioneered a half-century ago by If anything breaks, the company promises to provide the parts required to fix it.

The warranty is offered only to the original purchaser, and only as long as the original purchaser "owns their [sic] home." All of this is standard in the U.S. and most Canadian "limited lifetime" faucet warranties.

There are some defects in the warranty, however. It does not meet the minimum legal requirements for a consumer warranty mandated by the Mag­nu­son-Moss War­ranty Act (15 U.S.C. §2308).

Testing & Certification

The certification information listed for Novatto faucets on the company website:

"cUPC and AB1953 low lead compliant, NSF 61 and NSF 372 certified"

is false.

Novatto faucets are not NSF61 or ANSI/NSF 372 certified and do not comply with cUPC or AB1953, which require testing and certification to ASME A112.18.1/CAS B125.1 and ANSI/NSF 372. Novatto faucets are not certified to either standard. (For more detailed certification information, see below.)

In our initial review of this company in 2016, we noted that the faucets were not certified and therefore illegal to install in the U.S. or Canada. The company owner told us that Novatto was in the process of certification. In 2018 when we last revised this report, we were told by a company spokesman that the company was in the process of certification. Two years later Novatto faucets are still not certified, and while certification can often take a few months, it does not take four years.

Chinese and Taiwanese faucets comparable to Novatto but which are fully certified to U.S./Canadian standards and legal to sell in both countries include

There is no reason to buy Novatto faucets. They are off-the-shelf Chinese faucets of no particular distinction and with no unique characteristics. Similar, if not identical faucets that are certified safe, reliable, and lead-free through independent testing are imported by any number of other faucet companies as the list above shows.

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Novatto faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.