Menards Store Brand Faucets Plumbworks • Tuscany Review & Rating Updated: 05/31/21

Menard, Inc.
5101 Menard Drive
Eau Claire, WI 54703
(715) 876-5911
Business Type
Product Range
Kitchen, Bath, Prep, Bar, Laundry & Utility Faucets
Street Price
$40 - $200
Warranty Score
Mechanical Parts
Proof of Purchase
Meets U.S. Warranty
Law Requirements

Warranty Footnotes:

1. Menards "warrants that the parts and assemblies of this produce will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal household use for as long as it is owned by the original consumer purchaser."
2. The Menards faucet warranty does not comply with the minimum requirements of the Mag­nu­son-Moss War­ranty Act (15 U.S.C. §2308), the federal law that dictates the minimum content of and sets the rules for consumer product warranties in the United States.

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This Company In Brief

Menards is a family-owned corporation operating home improvement stores in the upper midwest. the company sells several in-house brands, many manufactured by Menards-owned companies.

Menards' in-house faucet brands include Plumbworks and Tuscany faucets. Plumbworks is a collection of lower-end faucets, fixtures, fittings, and accessories. Tuscany is the name given to Menards' mid-range faucet and fixture line that includes sinks, toilets, and bath hardware as well as faucets. All Menards faucets are manufactured in Asia.

Founded in 1960, Menards' is a family-owned corporation headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It operates more than 280 big box home improvement stores in 14 upper Midwestern states. Like its main competitors the company sells several in-house brands, many manufactured by Menards-owned companies.

Midwest Manufacturing, for example, makes Ultra Deck composite decking, Master Craft doors, steel roofing and siding, roof and floor trusses, landscape blocks, composite fencing, Pro Rib pole barns and, Custom Craft solid surfacing countertops.

Menards' in-house faucet brands are Plumbworks and Tuscany faucets. Plumbworks is a collection of lower-end faucets, fixtures, fittings and accessories, many seemingly styled in the 1970s. Tuscany the name given to Menards' mid-range faucet and fixture line that includes sinks, toilets, and bath hardware as well as faucets.

Menards' does not manufacture its faucets but buys off-the-shelf faucets from Chinese manufacturing companies, re-packaged to sell under one of Menards' in-store brands. Most Menards faucets are available from other sellers under different model names. For example, LDR industries, a well-known distributor of plumbing products to the remodeling industry, sells similar faucets under its LDR brand.

Menards' principal faucet suppliers include:

Menards does not buy directly from overseas factories. It buys from U.S.-based distributors such as that import directly from the Asian factories. These distributors then handle all after-sale parts and warranty support, relieving Menards of the need to sustain the cost of an extensive after-sale support system.

These faucets are not very expensive — few models sell for as much as $150.00 — somewhat lower than the prices for similar faucets sold by competing big lumber stores without any obvious diminution of quality.

The faucets are available in several finishes. As far as we can tell, all faucets can be found in polished chrome, most in brushed nickel, and some in oil-rubbed bronze (ORB). There is also a new brushed bronze. The finishes available depend on the actual manufacturer, some offer more finishes than others. Be a little cautious about matching Menards' faucet finishes, especially ORB. A finish with the same name from two different manufacturers may not be an exact match.

The information available on Menards' website is very complete — a model for other big lumber stores to follow. It includes clear images of the faucet, a list of all finishes in which a faucet is available, and identification of any parts that are made of zinc — something no one else does.

Downloadable .pdf "Technical Specification" sheets clearly display the faucet's certifications (including ADA and Watersense® compliance), provide dimension drawings, and show the model and a picture of the faucet's cartridge (in case you need to order one in the future). For most faucets, a link to the warranty is displayed that permits downloading the document in .pdf format. Most of the time the warranty contains the telephone number to call to get warranty service and replacement parts for that particular faucet and is a good number to keep taped under your sink just in case you need parts 10 years from now.

What's missing is an identification of the valve cartridge used in the faucet — nice to know if it was made by one of the better-known cartridge manufacturers.

An Old Plumber's Trick
Here's an old plumbers trick that we learned years ago (from an old plumber, naturally):  Put the paperwork for your faucet, sink, disposer, hot water dispenser, etc., including receipts, installation instructions, user manuals, your plumber's business care and warranties, along with any leftover hardware and special tools, in a plastic bag and tape it to the inside of the sink cabinet under the sink.

Even if you forget where it is, your plumber will find it when he or she starts work under your sink.

The company's written faucet warranty is about average for the industry. It provides a lifetime warranty on all faucet parts for as long "as the original purchaser owns the faucet." If you move to a new house and take the faucet with you, the warranty follows the faucet. As long as you continue to own the faucet, the warranty is in effect.

Each faucet model is supported by its distributor, and to get any warranty help, you will need to have the original installation instructions (to find out which support number to call), and the original receipt (to show that you are the purchaser). Without the instructions that came with the faucet, you will have a tough time finding out where to make your warranty claim. Menards store personnel are of no help. They'd like to help but they just don't know who to call either.

Watch out for plastic faucets. Some Plumbworks faucets are plastic (sometimes described as "non-metallic"). Plastic faucets have their place — RVs, motorboats, a cabin in the woods — but they are not a good choice for regular use in your home. Plastic is just not robust enough as a faucet material for long-term service. If you not sure whether a faucet is a plastic, look for the weight. No metal faucet weighs 1-2 lbs.

These are economy faucets and don't pretend to be anything else. We would hesitate to install one in a busy kitchen or main bath but for a little-used guest bath or bar faucet, they would suit nicely. They are made by some well-respected manufacturers and the lifetime warranty is supported by competent post-sale customer service provided by the faucets' distributors.

Imported Chinese and Taiwanese faucets comparable to Menards store brand faucets include: We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Menards faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.