MCN Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 05/21/21

MCN European Enterprises, Inc.
14441 N 73rd St.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260-3133
(855) 610-6262
Business Type
Product Range
Kitchen and Bath Faucets
Street Price
$250 - $480
Warranty Score
5 Years1
5 Years
Mechanical Parts
5 Years
Proof of Purchase
Meets U.S. Warranty
Law Requirements

Warranty Footnotes:

1. "MCN European Enterprises warrants all aspects of its faucets to be free from defects in material and workmanship for five years from the date of invoice."
2. The warranty is missing quaifying language required by the U.S. Mag­nu­son-Moss War­ranty Act (15 U.S.C. §2301). However, the missing language does not diminish the rights of the faucet buyer, and in may actually strengthen those rights.

Read the MCN warranty.

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This Company In Brief

MCN European Enterprises is an importer of faucets from China and Italy. The Company's European connection is very tenuous. Only three kitchen faucets are imported from Italy. The rest of the company's wares, including all of its bath faucets, showers, and tub fillers, are made in China.

The warranty on the faucets is a scan five years which does not compare favorably with the North American standard lifetime warranty and suggests a lack of confidence in the longevity and durability of MCN faucets by company management.

The company is a black-marketer. It does not sell legal faucets. It has chosen to ignore U.S. and Canadian laws by selling untested, uncertified, contraband faucets through its U.S./Canadian website. None of its faucets has been confirmed to be safe, reliable, or free from unsafe levels of lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, or other toxins especially common in Chinese-made faucets.

Founded in 2014 as a Delaware corporation, MCN European Enterprises is Michael Isaac's second try at importing decorative plumbing hardware from Europe and Asia. His first was based originally in Chicago, but later moved to Scottsdale as Mico Designs, LLC. It originally imported good-quality European faucets, some of its own proprietary designs. But, in more recent years switched to Taiwanese suppliers as its primary source of products, particularly Stream Tapware.

MCN is essentially Mico 2.0. It imports three Kitchen faucets from Italy, but all the rest of its faucets and other fittings are made in China. The bath faucets duplicate products in the Mico catalog.

Only the MCN Sky Life does not appear to have a doppelganger in the Mico lineup.

Two of these faucets are made by Ottone Meloda Manufacturing, S.r.l. The Coastline appears to have been made in Italy, but we are not sure of the actual manufacturer.

MCN's bath faucets are part of collections that include tub fillers, and showers. All of the faucets are two-handle widespread designs. Most are contemporary with strong industrial lines. The Plaza faucet is the only arguably transitional style and would easily fit an Arts & Crafts or Art Deco decor.

These are made in China, but since they are imported through a broker, we have not been able to identify the actual manufacturer.

From inspection, we are certain the cartridges used in the faucets are not one of the top brands such as Flühs Drehtechnik, GmbH" from Germany or Kerox Kft of Hungary. The Ottone faucets are equipped with what appear cartridges from either Studio Tecnico Sviluppo e Ricerche (STSR) S.r.l. or Hydroplast, S.r.L., both good quality Italian-made cartridges.

The Chinese-made bath faucets are equipped with Chinese cartridges. Most Chinese cartridges have been standardized to the information international standard pioneered by Galatron S.p.a., so it is nearly impossible to determine through visual inspection the source of a cartridge unless it is imprinted with maker's marks. The cartridges in the MCN faucets we examined were not. We suspect, however, that they are probably mid-range cartridges such as those produced by Kuching International Ltd. (Taiwan) or Sedal SA (China). These are more than adequate for residential service, but if they need to be replaced it is very easy to do and the cartridges are widely available.

The MCN website is well-designed and easy to navigate. A few of the more common features are missing, however. There is no obvious "contact us" link. You have to click on "About Us", then on "terms" which displays the company's terms and condition of sale and also contains contact information and the warranty.

The information provided about each faucet is woefully insufficient for an informed buying decision. Typically a single image is shown in the various finishes in which the faucet is available, and there is a link to a measuring drawing. But that's about it for information about the faucet. There is no link to a specifications page, installation instructions, or a parts diagram, all of which are very useful in making a buying decision.

MCN provides a 5-year limited warranty on its faucets which is far inferior to the standard North American warranty lifetime faucet warranty pioneered in the 1960s by and evidence that Mr. Isaacs does not have sufficient confidence in the quality, durability, or longevity of his company's faucets to provide a standard limited lifetime warranty.

There is no reason to buy MCN faucets. They are off-the-shelf Chinese and Italian faucets of no particular distinction and with no unique characteristics. Similar, if not identical faucets that are certified safe, reliable, and lead-free through independent testing are imported by any number of other companies.

Faucets comparable to MCN's Italian-made kitchen faucets are offered by several companies selling Italian faucets in North America, all of which are certified and some of which offer lifetime warranties. These include

Chinese-made faucets fully certified with stronger warranties comparable to MCNs bathroom faucets include

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with MCN faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.