Lulani Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 08/08/22

Lulani LLC
trading as
1945 Camino Vida Roble
Suite J
Carlsbad CA 92008
(760) 536-5160
(760) 720-9632
Business Type
For more information on the five faucet company business types, see Faucet Companies
Product Range
Kitchen and Bath Faucets
Street Price
$90 - $435
Warranty Score
Mechanical Parts
Electronics & Supply Lines
5 years
Proof of Purchase
Meets U.S. Warranty
Law Requirements

Warranty Footnotes:

1. "as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the product and lives in the residence in which the product is first installed"

Read the Lulani faucet warranty.

Learn more about faucet warranties.

This Company In Brief

Lulani LLC, founded by Gregory Michael Lange in 2018, is an importer and distributor of faucets.

The faucets are made in China and Vietnam by manufacturers with excellent credentials and reputations for producing good quality products incorporating first-rate components.

They are sold primarily on internet venues that host third-party sellers and on the company website.

We judge the faucets to be a fair to good value considering their quality and price points.

Founded in 2018 by Gregory Michael Lange and Chandra Lou Lange, as a business unit of their corporation, Tanfel, Inc.. The Lulani name was trademarked by Tanfel in 2019.

Lulani was reorganized in 2020 as a separate limited liability company.

Lulani Boracay vessel faucet in Gun Metal.

Tanfel is an manufacturer organized in 2008 that makes custom metal components for other companies. It adverties that it provides

"… a combination of world-class manufacturing, quality control, engineering support, warehouse, and logistics services."

Although the two companies are separate legal entities, they are under common ownership and management and are co-located at the same address.

Tanfel is the actual importer of many if not most of the faucets sold by Lulani.

Although Tanfel appears to have all of the capabilities required to design and manufacture faucets (except finishing), there is no indication that any of Lualani's faucets are domestic products. All are imported from Asia.

Lulani's known faucet manufacturers are and include:

These companies may not be Lulani's only faucet suppliers.

Faucets are organized in collections that may include several faucets along with accessories such as towel bars and robe hooks. The collections do not include shower components or tub fillers, neither of which are sold by Lulani.

Some collections are extensive. The St. Lucia collection, for example, contains eight different lavatory faucets, towel bars and rings, a toilet paper holder, robe hook, and lotion dispenser. Others such as the Nassau and Ibiza Collections include a single faucet.

A couple of the collections seemed forced. The Bora Bora collection, for example, includes bathroom faucets with with gentle curves and flowing lines paired with a spring-style pre-rinse kitchen faucet with no design similarity and supplied by a entirely different manufacturer.

Undoubtedly, Lulani intends to expand the collections over time, but at the moment, most are very sparse.

Buying Rule for
Smart Faucet Buyers

Valve Cartridge

Never buy a fau­cet until you know the type of cartridge used in the fau­cet and who made it.

Its cartridge is the heart of a modern fau­cet and should be your very first consideration when making a buying decision.

It is the component that controls water flow and temperature. Its finish may fail, and the fau­cet will still work. It may be discolored, corroded, and ugly, but water still flows.

If the cartridge fails, however, the fau­cet is no longer a fau­cet. It is out of business until the cartridge is replaced. It's important, therefore, that the cartridge be robust and durable, lasting for many years.

For more information on faucet vales and cartridges, the differences among them and the history behind each technology, see Faucet Basics, Part 2: Faucet Valves & Cartridges.

Lulani faucets include some of the best components available. Its faucets are equipped with ceramic cartridges that have been certified lead-free and drinking water safe to North American standards and the aerators installed in most of its faucets are from the Swiss company, Neoperl. Both of these components are crucial to long-term faucet performance.

Lulani's ceramic cartridge suppliers include:

Lulani Ibiza single-handle lavatory faucet in a split finish: Gun Metal and Gold.

Kulani's mixing cartridges for single-handle faucets are not proprietary designs. They are based on the standard cartridge configurations developed in the 1980s by Galatron Plast S.p.a., an Italian technical ceramics company.

Standardization means that a cartridge is easy to replace in the unlikely event it ever fails. Most plumbing supply houses keep standard cartridges in stock. So. a quick trip to the local Ferguson (Wolseley in Canada) or Grainger store, cartridge in hand, restores faucet functionality in short order.

Neoperl®, founded in 1959 in Reinach, Switzerland, supplies most of the aerators used in Kulani faucets. Faucet aerators used to be simple devices that merely infused a little air to soften the water stream so it would not splash out of the sink.

Today, however, aerators are high-tech­nol­ogy pre­cis­ion-eng­in­eered products used to limit water volume to the lower flows required by federal and state water conservation laws, and in faucets with pull-out sprays, to prevent back-flow that could contaminate household drinking water.

Lulani Kauai pull-down kitchen faucet in Chrome.

It is important, therefore, that this little device, often smaller than a dime, be the best available. And that, almost by definition, is the Swiss-engineered Neoperl® aerator.

Lulani offers a total of nine finishes on its faucets. Two of the finishes, chrome and brushed nickel, are . Matte Black is a . Brushed stainless steel is not an applied finish. It is the stainless material of the faucet buffed and brushed. The remaining five finishes are (PVD) coatings.

Lulani Finishes

Electroplating is the old standard, having served the industry well for over 150 years.

Plating involves immersing the faucet and the metal to be used as the finish in an acid bath, then applying an electrical charge to both objects so metallic ions are drawn from the plating metal to the faucet.

The process is inherently dangerous, involving very corrosive acid solutions, and the resulting waste products are hazardous to the environment if not disposed of properly.

Powder coating is considerably less burdensome to the environment. It does not involve toxic chemicals or produce hazardous waste.

Powder coating is the usual way in which faucets are given non-metallic or "painted" finishes. A colored powder similar in texture to baking flour is applied with a special low-velocity sprayer that gives the powder a positive electrical charge. The particles are drawn to the fau­cet which has a negative charge. The fau­cet is then baked in an oven which melts and bonds the powder and changes the structure of the coating into long, cross-linked molecular chains that give the coating its durability.

A powder coat is semi-durable. It does not bond to the underlying metal like metallic finishes which means it can chip if not handled carefully. It also requires more care in cleaning. A harsh cleaning solution can damage the finish.

PVD finishes are, by contrast, nearly indestructible. They are applied in a very thin layer in a vacuum chamber loaded with unfinished faucet parts. All the air is replaced with a carefully calculated mix of inert and reactive gases. A rod of the metal to be used for the coating is heated to a temperature so high that it dissolves into individual atoms creating a plasma that is bombarded onto the faucet parts.

Various finish colors and effects are created by varying the mix of reactive gases. PVD brass or gold can be created, for example, using a titanium alloy as the coating metal with nitrogen gas. Adding methane to the mix reddens the color, producing rose gold, and adding a little acetylene darkens the finish for old gold or antique brass.

The very dense PVD coating is very robust and bonded to the fau­cet at a molecular level, essentially becoming an integral part of the fabric of the fau­cet. It is very difficult to scratch. In abrasion tests, PVD finishes are regularly found to be 10 to 20 times more scratch-resistant than the old standard, electroplated chrome.

No Lulani faucet is available in all nine finishes. A few, like the Ibiza can be ordered in every finish except stainless steel which is available only on stainless steel faucets. Most faucets are limited to one, two, or three finishes. The finishes offered largely depend on the finishes the faucet's manufacturer is capable of providing.

The Ibiza faucet is also available in a . The handle and base can be given one finish and the spout and body another. Eight finishes choices are available which, when combined result in 56 split finish possibilities.

For more information on faucet finishes including the advantages and disadvantages of each method of application, see Faucet Basics, Part 5: Finishes and Coatings.

The website, based on a Shopify template, is colorful and fairly simple to navigate although some selections will result in a lot of jiggling and jumping around before settling down to display the new content. Faucets can be selected from the main menu by room (bathroom or kitchen) or by collection and can be filtered by finish and style from a menu on the left side of the page.

The filters are accurate. Selecting Gun Metal as a finish and Widespread as a style correctly produced just one faucet: the 8" widespread from the Corsica Collection. Sttel black combined with pull-down resulted in just the Nassau faucets, the only faucet that has those two featured in combination.

Once a faucet has been selected, the information provided on the site about the faucet is fulsome but not entirely complete and not sufficient for an intelligent buying decision.

The listing page displays the finishes in which the faucet is available, a brief description of the faucet, and what the company calls its "Highlights." More detailed information is included in downloadable .pdf documents. These include

Not every faucet listing includes all four links to supporting documents. Installation Instructions seem to be universal as is a link to the faucet warranty, but some listings do not link to Specifications, and some have no Parts List.

Lulani makes visualizing the faucet very easy by providing several (usually a ozen or more) static images of the faucet, including images of the faucet installed in various settings, a 360° rotating view of many of the faucets, and sometimes a short video.

The website has a few mysteries. One is Lulani's Spot Defense finish. Several faucets show Spot Defense as a finish option, but exactly what it is, what it does, and the benefit to the customer of having a Spot Protect finish are nowhere explained.

We suspect it has something to do with reducing water spots, but what it is and how it does it is unclear. A short explantion in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) would do a lot to resolve the mystery or, better yet, a brief tooltip that appears when the mounse rolls over the term, similar to the items on this page.

The Lulani warranty guarantees all parts of a faucet except electronics and supply lines against leaks and defects in material and workmanship for as long

"... as the original consumer purchaser owns the product and lives in the residence in which the product is first installed ..."

Our warranty panel classified the warranty as substantially equivalent to the standard North Amer­ican limited lifetime faucet warranty.

We found just one problem with the warranty. This language is inappropriate and could be considered deceptive:

"... Except as provided by law, this warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, conditions and guarantees, whether expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, including without restriction those of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose.

For some reason, lawyers love to include this or similar language in warranties even though the claimed exclusion of implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose is prohibited by the federal law that sets the rules for consumer warranties, the Mag­nu­son-Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. § 2301).

The underlying principal of the Act is that company warranties are a supplement to, not a replacement of, state law implied warranties. A company that provides a written warranty cannot exclude or modify implied warranties (15 U.W.C. &§ 2308) So, this language is at most a bluff, hoping to convince readers that no other warranties are available.

Buying Rule for
Smart Faucet Buyers


Never buy a faucet unless you have read and understand the faucet's warranty. It tells you more than the company wants you to know about management's real opinion about the durability and life expectancy of the faucets it sells.

Learn how to read and interpret faucet warranties at Fau­cet Bas­ics, Part 6: Un­der­stand­ing Fau­cet Waru­rant­ies.

Electronics are guaranteed for five years. This is a generous electronics warranty. Most companies guarantee electronics for three years at most.

Customer service is provided by Tanfel, Inc. It is very competent and responsive. However, product knowledge is a little weak which is to be expected of agents whose primary focus is on the custom metal components made by Tanfel.

We did not run our usual customer service tests on Tanfel. They don't always work with very small companies. Agents quickly realize they are being tested. However, we did ask difficult questions and posed typical problem situations, all of which were handled well and with dispatch.

For more information on how federal, state, and local laws and regulations work to keep unsafe and unreliable faucets out of your home, see Faucet Basics, Part 3: Keeping Faucets Safe & Reliable.

Faucets made in Asia comparable to Lulani in quality and strength of warranty but not necessarily comparable for design or price, include

This is a company that has done everything right. It selected its suppliers for the quality of their products, includes good to very good ceramic cartridges, provides a wide selection of finishes, and prices the faucets competitively.

The components used in the faucets are very good, equal to those used in faucets costing up to twice the price. We believe the faucets to be a very good value for the price and well worth consideration for even a primary faucet in a busy kitchen or main bathroom.

the company website is well-designed and includes most of the information needed for an informed faucet-buying decision (and all of the really critical information). Its warranty is more than adequate and customer service is responsive.

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Lulani faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please e-mail us at, text 402-871-5301, or post a comment below.