Lota Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 05/30/23

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This Company In Brief

Xia­men Lo­ta In­ter­na­tion­al Co., Ltd., a manufacturing corporation headquartered in Xia­men, China owned by Lota International Co. Ltd. is a holding company based in Tai­wan.

The company's primary business since its founding in 1982 has been the design and manufacture of faucets and faucet components for other faucet companies.

Lota sells some plumbing products in the U.S., but does not sell faucets under its own Lota brand. It manufactures faucets for other companies selling in North America, and the faucets are sold under the brands owned by these companies.

The Company

Xiamen Lota International Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing corporation with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Xiamen, China.

The company's primary business since its founding in 1982 has been an designer and manufacturer of faucets and faucet components for other faucet companies.

The list of faucet companies that buy Lota faucets and faucet components reads like the whos-who of the U.S. faucet industry, including

among many others.

Lota also manufactures store brand faucets for large retailers.

For example, a great many of the

The company's basic catalog of faucets maintained on its international website is rather uninspiring. But, these are not even a drop in the bucket of the faucets it actually sells.

Most of its faucets are products, designed and manufactured for other companies to be sold under their brands. On its website, it claims …

" We provide a full-service product development consultancy to our clients with an integrated approach. Most of Lota's clients collaborate with the Design Studio to discuss trends and develop new and innovative product designs. Our product development is supported by detailed market research with both consumers and trade professionals throughout North America."

Its ability to design, engineer, prototype and then produce unique faucets for each of its customers has made it a perennial favorite with North American faucet companies, especially smaller companies, that are unable to afford such capabilities in-house.

Lota has also established a very efficient U.S. based customer service and warranty operation to support its faucets sold in the U.S. and Canada.

This was a very smart strategic move since it lifts the cost of providing after-sales support from the companies that buy Lota products, making Lota more attractive as a supplier.

It also sets Lota up nicely to begin introducing Lota branded products into the U.S. with the marketing and support infrastructure already in place and operating smoothly. It should help Lota avoid the customer service issues that beset its competitors like that have now been solved but which plagued the companies in their early years.

Lota's Legal Problems

Lota is still learning how to play nice in the international marketplace.

In 2000 Lota agreed before the U.S. International Trade Commission not to contest a claim that it had violated a Moen faucet patent and consented to the permanent banning of some of its faucets from the U.S. market.

In 2011 Mueller Industries sued Lota under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization statute alleging that Lota had bribed one of Muller's executives. Mueller also sued the executive, Peter Berkman, for taking kickbacks from Lota.

In the course of the lawsuit, Berkman asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, contending that his testimony and production of documents might expose him to criminal prosecution.

Berkman eventually settled, without admitting any wrongdoing, by agreeing to pay Mueller a total of $10.5 million in cash and secured promissory notes.

Lota also settled in 2012 paying Mueller $5.8 million. Lota, according to its attorney, Neal J. White, P.C., "vociferously" denied doing anything wrong.

Lota Manufacturing

Lota makes faucets at every price point and every quality level.

If you want a basic faucet, full of plastic parts, that you can sell for $35.00 on e-Bay, Lota will make it for you. On the other hand, if you want a $1,500 faucet of world-class quality with lead-free brass and a nearly indestructible ceramic disk valve, Lota will make that one for you too.

With Lota, you get what you are willing to pay for.

The consequence, however, is that it is almost impossible to judge overall Lota quality just from the name "Lota". When you can find the name "Lota", that is, which is not very often. Lota does not brand very many of its faucets.

We think it important, however, that some very well-respected faucet makers rely on Lota for many of their components. These companies are not going to risk their own reputations on inferior components.

In summary, we think Lota has the ability to manufacture a superior faucet, competitive with Globe Union's Danze faucets, and look forward to the day Lota finally launches a retail presence in the U.S. If it debuts with striking designs, it ought to be a formidable competitor, and in any vigorous competition among faucet companies, it's the faucet buyer that wins.