Giagni Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 05/19/21

Giagni Enterprises, LLC.
550 S Columbus Ave
Mount Vernon, New York 10550-4712
(888) 560-5222
Business Type
Product Range
Kitchen, Bath, Prep and Bar Faucets
Street Price
$80 - $370
Warranty Score
Chrome & Nickel Finishes
Other Finishes
5 years
Electronic Parts
3 years
Mechanical Parts
Proof of Purchase
1. The term "lifetime" is not defined, which means it will generally be given its ordinary meaning: the actual lifetime of the original owner.
2. Rarely asked for.

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This Company In Brief

Giagni Enterprises, LLC has been importing freestanding bathtubs and the faucets and accessories that go with them since 1999. It is just one of several enterprises owned by various members of the enterprising Giagni family.

The family's primary business is the importation and distribution of manufactured goods from Asia – most from China but some from South Korea and Taiwan. The company is one of the oldest of the importers of Asian faucets along with Kingston Brass and Afeel Corporation (Huntington Brass).

Giagni Enterprises, LLC imports and sells acrylic freestanding bathtubs and the faucets and accessories that go with them. It is just one of several enterprises owned by various members of the enterprising Giagni (pronounced gi-A-nee, the second "g" is silent) family consisting of Vincent, Sr., Vincent, Jr., and Stephen.

On its website, the company introduces itself as having

… been in the manufacturing industry for over 50 years and has continued to remain a family-owned and operated business committed to making quality products. We started out supplying electronic and mechanical hardware to the aerospace industry and the US military. We continued to build on that knowledge and expanded into the decorative hardware business in 1988 and into the decorative plumbing industry in 1999…"

The impression left by a less than careful parsing of the paragraph is that Giagni manufactures faucets. It doesn't. It could. Giagni-owned Secs, Inc. manufactures precision machined automotive parts, and these are precisely the machines and skills required to manufacture faucets – but it doesn't.

Giagni imports the faucets it sells from Asian factories, most in China but some in South Korea and Taiwan. In fact, the family's primary business, despite its long history in manufacturing, is the importation and distribution of manufactured goods from Asia.

The import business is spread over several different but interrelated entities. Giagni Enterprises, LLC imports decorative plumbing such as faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, and accessories. So does SVG Enterprises, LLC, also owned by the Giagni and located at the same address. Whether the decorative fixture business is conducted as Giagni Enterprises or SVG Enterprises seems fairly arbitrary. The Giagnis conduct business under both names interchangeably and often refer to the business as SVG/Giagni Enterprise

Promptus Electronic Hardware, Inc. (PEH), again, at the same address, imports and sells specialty hardware for electronics, and bills itself as "...nation's leading supplier of electronic hardware, including standoffs, spacers, specialty screws, fasteners and handles for electronic, medical, automotive and aerospace applications."

At a second location, 520 Homestead Ave. in Mt. Vernon, the Giagnis own Dec Har Designs, Inc., which imports Asian-manufactured pulls, knobs, and other cabinet hardware from Hong Kong and China that is sold under the Giagni brand all over the internet and by Walmart; and Giagni International, Corp., yet a third Giagni company importing faucets, sanitary wares and accessories.

Members of the family also own 550 S. Columbus Corp. Inc., and 620 Homestead Corp, Inc., which do not appear to be operating businesses but real estate holding companies. Further, the Giagnis own a 34,000 square foot commercial facility at 330 Huntington Rd., Gafney, SC which, according to a local newspaper account, is used as a distribution warehouse by several of the Giagni businesses that share the facility.

The Giagnis have been importing Asian faucets since 1999, which makes the enterprise one of the older, more established of the Asia-Marketeers. But, like many other companies that import from China and other parts of Asia, Giagni is somewhat shy about the origins of its faucets. Neither the word "China" nor the word "Asia" appears anywhere on its website or in its catalog.

The company changes suppliers with some frequency, so it is not always possible to know where Giagni faucets are manufactured at any point in time. Known to have supplied Giagni faucets in the past are:

In addition to selling faucets under the Giagni name, the company also supplies faucets to retailers for sale under private and store brand names. It supplies private label

Giagni sells faucets under the Giagni name in Lowes stores but does not appear to supply any of Lowes' store brand:

The faucet quality is about average for Asian-sourced faucets. The styling is generic. There is no indication that the faucets are designed exclusively for Giagni or that Giagni provides the specifications from which the faucets are manufactured. Asian styling tends to be conservative and about 3 to 5 years behind American and European designs. There are few design adventures in Asia, where the goal of most manufacturers is to maximize income by selling as many faucets as possible, which means staying well within the boundaries of conventional designs to appeal to the widest possible market. Identical or very similar faucets are sold by other Asia-Marketeers (see list below).

The faucets are equipped with a Chinese or Taiwanese ceramic cartridge. We cannot determine from the markings on the cartridge who made it with any certainty. Chinese cartridges tend to be similar in appearance and often hard to identify without maker marks, which are often omitted on lower quality cartridges. While many Asian-made cartridges are of very good quality, some are not. What we can say for certain is that most of the better quality Chinese and Taiwanese cartridges, such as Sedal or Geann boldly print identifying marks on their cartridges. These faucet cartridges have no such bold imprinting. The company, reluctant to admit that its faucets are Asian-sourced, has not been forthcoming about the manufacturer of its cartridges after several inquiries.

The Giagni website is intuitive, well organized, and easy to navigate. Some features do not appear to work, however. When we tried to download a current catalog, a message: "this publication is either currently inactive or permanently removed" was displayed instead. This may be just a temporary error.

Clicking on "Where to Buy" displays an extensive list of online and brick-and-mortar stores at which Giagni products may be purchased. Not all of these are faucets, however, since Giagni also provides hardware items unrelated to plumbing, including cabinet pulls and hinges and a "deluxe ironing center".

All of Giagni faucets are part of collections that typically include complementing sinks, showers, and accessories.

We rate Giagni's warranty slightly below the North American standard "limited lifetime" warranty. To earn an acceptable rating, all essential components of a faucet must be guaranteed for the "lifetime of the original owner" (or language to the same effect). While Giagni warrants its chrome and nickel finished for a lifetime, all other finishes are guaranteed for just 5 years.

The warranty does not meet the new notice requirements mandated by the Federal Trade Commission. It is not published on the company website, nor is there a conspicuous link to the warranty from an internet retail venue at which Giagni faucets are sold. The FAQ section refers to a lifetime warranty indicating that it may be viewed under the Product Support section of the site. In fact, the warranty is not at that location, and as far as we can tell (going back to 2014), it never has been. We had to get a copy from customer service.

It is doubtful, therefore, that the warranty is legal under the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, so the actual warranty on Giagni faucets is probably whatever implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose your state has mandated by statute. These are typically more generous to the buyer than written faucet company warranties.

Giagni's post-sale service is good. We had no trouble getting answers to our questions. Technical support is also good. Our (purely imaginary) issues with installing Giagni faucets were handled with dispatch. The Better Business Bureau has not received any complaints about the company in the last three years but has not assigned the company a rating based on insufficient information.

Faucets comparable to the Asian-sourced products sold by Giagni include: We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Giagni faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.