Aquabrass Faucets Alt Progetto Aqua Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 07/09/21

Italy Flag
Aquabrass International Corporation
2255 W. Desert Cove Ave.
Suite D
Phoenix, AZ 85029
(855) 943-2782

AD Waters Distribution (CAN), Inc.
9805 Clark Street
Montreal, QC H3L 2R5
(800) 867-8484
Business Model
Product Range
Kitchen and Bath Faucets
Street Price
Warranty Score1
Chrome and Nickel Finishes
All Other Finishes
5 years
Mechanical Parts
Electronic Parts2
Proof of Purchase
Complies with U.S. Warranty Law
Warranty Footnotes:
1. "Aquabrass offers a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship" … for "as long as the original purchaser owns their [sic] home…"
2. e.g Touch sensors, etc.
3. Typically not asked for.

Read the Aquabrass Faucet Warranty.
Read the Alt Progetto Aqua warranty.

For more information on how to read and interpret faucet warranties, see Faucet Basics, Part 6: Understanding Faucet Warranties

This Company In Brief

Aquabrass sells good to very good quality faucets made by reputable manufacturers and fully certified to North American reliability and lead-free standards.

There are two tiers of faucets, the top tier made in Italy and a second tier made in Taiwan and China. The styling and price differences between the tiers are evident but there is no obvious difference in quality.

The faucets are supported by a lifetime limited warranty and capable customer service.

Organized in 1986, Aguabrass is a Canadian importer of faucets and kitchen and bath accessories for sale through authorized dealers in Canada and the U.S. It is owned and managed by the Panzera family.

In 2016, the original Aquabrass, Inc. was split into two separate corporations, Aquabrass Design, Inc. and AD Waters Distribution (CAN), Inc. AD Waters is the exclusive distributor of Aquabrass products. It also distributes upscale bathwares and cabinetry from Fiora Bath Collections S.L. (Spain), Simas S.p.A. (Italy), OLI-Sistemas Sanitários, S.A. (Portugal) and faucets from IB Rubinetti S.p.A. (Italy). In addition to selling its own brand of faucets, IB Rubinetti is one of the suppliers of Aquabrass faucets (See more below).

U.S. distribution of Aquabrass products is managed by Aqua­brass International Corporation, a branch of AD Waters located in Arizona. It distributes two lines of faucets, Aqua­brass, its primary brand, and Alt Progetto Aqua, a budget-priced project brand made in Taiwan intended for builders, contractors, and multi-unit applications including condominium, apartment, and hospitality projects.

The company imports good to very good faucets from well-established Italian, Taiwanese, and Chinese faucet manufacturers. The faucets are organized into two collections: Modern and Classic.

The Modern collection is very contemporary, showing faucets that are minimalist, stark and angular. Its classic collection is more relaxed and traditional. The faucets are usually part of a broader body of products that includes showers, tub fillers, and accessories. In some cases coordinating architectural and cabinet hardware is available to finish off the look. Most of the faucets are stunning, only a very few are prosaic.

Its faucet suppliers are:

These companies are well-regarded manufacturers of good quality faucets and bath wares.

NCIP also manufacturers faucets for

Holatz sells its Calise brand faucets throughout Europe and Asia, and also manufactures for Horng Lai provides some of its Home Life faucets to Water Creation, Inc. which sells them as its own faucets.

According to the company, an increasing number of Aqua­brass faucets are being designed in-house by a staff of engineers and designers. Aqua­brass has also, according to company sources, begun assembling some of its faucets in Canada. The company does not, however, claim that its local assembly is sufficient to qualify the products for "Made in Canada" status, as that term is defined by the Canadian Competition Bureau.

However, many of the Italian faucets sold by Aqua­brass are also for sale outside of North America under other model names. For example,

This suggests that the faucets are from the of the Italian factories that manufacture the faucets rather than being designed by or especially for Aqua­brass.

It is also likely that the company relies on the award-winning product designers and architects that work for its Italian manufacturers for most, if not all, of its designer faucets. These include such notables as Maurizio Duranti, Giulio Iacchetti, and Andrea Galmarini for IB Rubineterie and Danilo Fedeli, Giancarlo Vegni, Gianluca Belli, Marco Pisati, Rémi Théberge and Oco Studio for Treemme.

There is a considerable price difference between the Italian faucets sold by Aquabrass and the same faucets sold in Europe. For example, the Aquabrass Stilleto faucet sells in the U.S. for a street price of $558.75. In Europe. Treemme sells the Hedo faucet for $357.73 (€302.00).

But, before you get tempted to compare prices at Amazon Italy, keep in mind that these European faucets do not meet North American standards and will not work with North American fittings. Also, they are not certified lead-free to the strict Canadian/U.S. standard and, therefore, may not be lawfully installed in North America in any drinking water system. (And, prices with shipping are generally higher to much higher in the Euro Zone.)

Don't expect any steep price discounts on Aqua­brass faucets. The company enforces a Min­imum Ad­vert­ised Pric­ing (MAP) policy which prohibits a dealer from advertising a price below the minimum price established by Aqua­brass. Dealers may sell a faucet for below the MAP price, but they cannot advertise the lower price. The purpose of the policy is to keep internet sellers with much lower overheads from undercutting brick-and-mortar showrooms which are the principal Aquabrass retailers.

Aquabrass supplies many of the faucets offered by Canadian sink manufacturer which then sells the faucets under its own, completely different, model names.

The Aquabrass finish chart shows nine "in-stock" finishes that include polished chrome and usually brushed nickel. Not every faucet is available in all nine finishes. The in-stock finishes available on a faucet depends on which manufacturer makes the faucet. (The website sometimes incorrectly identifies the standard finishes available for a faucet, so you will need to download and display the .pdf format "specs" page for each faucet to see the actual standard finishes – a somewhat cumbersome process.)

The company also offers fourteen custom finishes. There is, of course, not only an additional charge for custom finishes but a longer lead time while the faucet is custom manufactured.

Brushed gold appears on the company finish chart as both an in-stock and custom finish. It is available on some faucets as a standard finish, on others as a custom finish.

The Aquabrass warranty is below standard for North America. The faucets, including cartridges, are warranted for the lifetime of the original owner, as are the company's standard chrome, electro black, stainless steel and finishes. But, custom finishes are warranted for just three years(down from five years in 2018). We don't know what the problem is with custom finishes that makes Aquabrass uncomfortable enough that it felt it could offer only a three-year warranty but, obviously, something.

The warranty does not disclaim the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose provide on all consumer products under state law. This gives the U. S. consumer some protections the Aquabrass written warranty does not provide. Aquabrass attempts to disclaim any liability for consequential and incidental damages but omits the required clarifying statement that the disclaimer of these damages may not be allowed in certain states, provinces, and territories by state law. Without the clarifying statement, the attempted disclaimer of consequential and incidental damages is void in the U.S.

Consequential and incidental damages refer to damages, other than the defect in the faucet, caused by the defect. For example your Aquabrass faucet leaks and floods your kitchen. The repair to the faucet is the direct damage. The repair to the kitchen is the consequential damage and your expenses in making a warranty claim against Aquabrass, including any attorney fees, are the incidental damages. By disclaiming consequential and incidental damages, Aquabrass hopes to be liable only for the repair of the faucet, not of the rest of the kitchen or your costs of proving your warranty claim.

Some warranty language may lead to trouble down the road. For instance, "lifetime" is defined as "as long as the original purchaser owns their [sic] home." Suppose the customer installs an Aquabrass faucet in her home, then moves to a new home, renting the old home. Is the faucet still under warranty? According to the definition, yes it is. What if the buyer sells the home and buys a new home, is the warranty still in force? Probably. The warranty does not require the buyer to own the home in which the faucet is installed. It merely required the buyer to own a home.

Our customer service experience with Aqua­brass has been very good. Most of the time the customer service agent just wants to know what model faucet you have so the correct parts can be sent. The original receipt that the warranty requires "be made available" is almost never asked for. Most of the time Aquabrass takes the common-sense approach that you would not be asking for help with an Aquabrass faucet if you did not own one.

The Better Business Bureau has no file on Aqua­brass, which typically means that it has received no adverse reports about the company, a very good record to have. But, it also means that the company is not a business that has been accredited by the BBB, which is not so good. The company certainly qualifies for and should apply for accreditation.

We upgraded our rating of Aqua­brass faucets from 5-8 to 6-8, at our last evaluation of the company for a number of reasons, including:

We judge Aqua­brass Italian-made faucets to be a good to very good value with a good price-to-value relationship and well worth consideration by Canadian buyers looking for an Italian-inspired design that is reasonably priced with a North American warranty and parts support.

Aquabrass compares well to the two other well-known North American companies that import Italian faucets: All offer at least as good a value on a well-designed faucet coupled with a good warranty. Some Italian companies such as that sell in North America, offer 5- and 10-year warranties – acceptable in Europe – but substantially below the North American standard limited lifetime warranty.

Aquabrass Taiwanese- and Chinese-made faucets are substantially equivalent to the faucets sold by companies such as The four companies share largely the same manufacturers, so their faucets are very similar in quality if not in design.

Fully certified, safe and lead-free faucets made in Italy that are comparable to Aquabrass include any of the following:

Fully certified, safe and lead-free faucets made in Asia that are comparable to Aquabrass include any of the following:

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Aquabrass faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.