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Read/print the Aqua Plumb Faucet warranty.

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This Company In Brief

Aqua Plumb faucets are sold by World and Main, a distributor of home and hardware products in the U.S. The faucets are Chinese in origin, manufactured by Meijie Faucet Co., Ltd.

The faucets are not particularly stylish but are of generally reasonable quality. They would be a possible choice as an economy faucet for a guest bath, utility sink, or other low- to moderate-volume use installation.

Aqua Plumb faucets are sold by World and Main, a distributor of home and hardware products in the U.S.

The Company

World and Main is the latest incarnation of a company formed in 1971 in New York as Howard Ber­ger Comp­any to distribute hardware products.

Aqua Plumb was originally its own company with a history as a manufacturer and distributor of plumbing products dating to the 1920s. It was acquired by and merged with Howard Ber­ger Comp­any in 1996 and ceased to exist as a separate company.

The name, Aqua Plumb, was registered as a Berger trade name in 1998. According to its registration, it is used to brand "traps, valves, faucets, faucet seats, aerators, washers, filter screens, shower heads, basket strainers, tank floats, tank balls, ballcocks, and sink stoppers."

That same year, Berger opened a buying office in Wuxi (woo-shee), China, giving it access to over 1,200 Chinese factories.

In 2013, the company acquired Handy Hard­ware, a Tex­as-based hardware distributor, and formed HBC Home & Hardware Holdings LLC to merge the assets of the two companies. Ho­ward Ber­ger Com­pa­ny was subsequently renamed HBC Home & Hard­ware Pro­ducts and finally to H2 Brands Group.

Hardware Holdings added Alabama-based Jones Ste­phens, a plumbing products distributor, to its portfolio in 2014, and in that same year, it acquired Fau­cet Queens, Inc., a Brook­lyn-based plumbing products distributor, along with Word­lock, Inc., a distributor of combination lock hardware.

In 2015, the Hardware Holdings name was changed to World and Main, LLC. According to a company press release, the name change reflected an

"ongoing evolution to a leading national distribution company operating at the intersection where distribution and sourcing meets merchandising and product development."

In 2016, Littlejohn & Co., a capital investment group, purchased World and Main, and two years later, sold the company to Nova Capital Management. another investment group. The new owner added Bulldog Hardware and Shur-Line painting tools to the company that same year.

World and Main claims to sell 75,000 different products in 25 product categories. Its proprietary brands, other than Aqua Plumb, include:

Bright-Way® (electrical components)
Bulldog Hardware® (hardware & fasteners)
Comfort Zone® (heaters and fans)
Guard Security® (locksets)
HB Smith® (garden tools)
Helping Hand® (housewares)
KC Professional (hand tools)
My Helper (cleaning supplies)
PestGuard (pesticides)
PXpro® (painting tools)
Shur-Line® (painting tools)
Ultra Hardware® (security)
Ultra Security® (door locks)
Stanley® (paint tools)
WordLock® (combination locks)

The Manufacturer

Aqua Plumb faucets are no longer manufactured domestically and have not been for several decades.

They are made in Guangdong, China by Meijie Faucet Co., Ltd., an manufacturer that, according to its website, is

"dedicated exclusively to developing OEM, ODM and Private Label products for the North American marketplace."

Meijie also manufactures faucets for other economy and mid-priced faucet importers, including

Vallves & Cartridges

Ceramic cartridge valves have been the preferred water control technology for domestic faucets since the valve was invented by in the 1970s. It is the most robust and longest-lasting of the existing valve technologies.

Not all Aqua Plumb faucets are equipped with ceramic cartridges, however. Many include the older technology washerless cartridge and some the even older technology compression cartridge.

Those that are equipped with ceramic cartridges are identified by Aqua Plumb as having a "ceramic cartridge" or what the company calls a "POM cartridge", a new term for us. Aqua Plumb is, as far as we know, the only company to use the term.

POM Cartridges

"POM" is just short for polyoxymethylene (also called "Acetal" and "Polyacetal"), a type of low friction, wear-resistant plastic.

As used by Aqua Plumb is means a ceramic cartridge made of plastic (except for the ceramic discs, of course).

Faucet companies take great pains to avoid using the word plastic by substituting terms like ABS, acrylic, or non-mmetallic. This is the first instance, however in which we have seen the word POM.

POM's high level of resistance to mechanical deformation makes it a good plastic for use in cartridges that may have a lot of twisting torque applied in normal operation.

The material also has disadvantages, however.

It is subject to degradation by chlorine and hot water. Most domestic water systems are "chlorinated", that is, a small amount of chlorine is added to kill microbes. This relatively low level of chlorine when combined with hot tap water, is enough to cause stress cracking over time.

Many of Aqua Plumb's single-handle kitchen faucets use the old-style Delta Ball washerless cartridge, a good cartridge but now very dated and long discontinued by Delta.

Fau­cets that include this cartridge are identified as "Uses Del­ta® style ball, seats & handles."

Some two handle faucets also use old Delta or Gerber compression stem cartridges. Again, they are not as durable as most ceramic cartridges but are widely available at almost any hardware store and easy to replace with ordinary DIY tools in about five minutes. Here is a video from How-To Bob showing how to do it.

Faucets that include these cartridges are usually identified as using Del­ta or Ger­ber stems.

Most of these faucets are aimed at institutional buyers who prefer old-style compression valves to the newer technologies. Most of Aqua Plumb's few compression-type faucets are in this category as are faucets that can use replacement parts from

The old Ger­ber and Price-Pfis­ter fau­cets, in the days before the two companies moved manufacturing to China and Mexico, were preferred by apartment-house owners for their durability and ease of repair, and they still tend to choose faucets that make use of these proven technologies when they can be found. Aqua Plumb supplies this market with faucets that use the Ger­ber/Price Pfis­ter technologies.

For an explanation of the differences among ceramic cartridges, wawherless valves, and compression valves, see Faucet Valves & Cartridges.

For homeowners, a ceramic cartridge would probably be a better choice. Just make sure the faucet is described as having a ceramic or "POM" cartridge. However, there is nothing wrong with the old Delta ball washerless cartridge in a faucet for a little-used powder room, laundry, or utility sink.

The Collection

The Aqua Plumb collection includes faucets and coordinating decorative bath accessories. The faucets span a broad assortment of kitchen, bathroom, and specialty faucets.

Complementing the faucets are decorative accessories in matching finishes and styles such as towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and toilet paper holders.


Finishes include polished chrome, nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Plastic Faucets

A faucet described as "polished chrome" is not necessarily a metal faucet. Some Aqua Plumb faucets are plastic. Plastic faucets do not have nearly the durability of metal faucets, and are usually not a good choice for domestic use.

One of the faucets we bought for examination, the Aqua Plumb 1551010 "Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet without Spray, 8-Inch, Polished Chrome", although described on as "solid metal construction for durability and reliability", turned out to be plastic. If we had been paying attention to shipping weights, we would have realized that something was amiss. There is no solid metal faucet in the world that weighs just 1 pound.

Unfortunately, not all of Aqua Plumb's retailers are meticulous about identifying plastic faucets as such. Others identify the material only as "non-metallic", a code phrase meaning "plastic." Be wary of any Aqua Plumb faucet costing less than $30.00 or weighing less than 3 pounds.

Plastic faucets are not included in this review or considered in calculating a rating for the company.

Also, be aware that faucets described as made of "metal" are not usually brass. Most likely they are zinc or a zinc/aluminum alloy. Zinc and its alloys are not as strong as brass but are suitable for light use in little-used guest baths and in RVs.

Every faucet is available in chrome but not all faucets are available in nickel or bronze — finishes that appear to be reserved for Aqua Plumb's pricier faucets.


World and Main does not sell retail, so its website is directed at its wholesale customers. A sign-in with a password is needed to see most of the site. The only source of information about Aqua Plumb faucets is a catalog that may be downloaded in Portable Document Format (.pdf). It contains detailed descriptions of the faucets but neither suggested pricing nor warranty information.

Click here to download the Aqua Plumb catalog.

Restorers will find the catalog interesting for its vintage faucet designs that look a lot like Post-War Retro faucets and for some of the company's specialty faucets including all-brass sink bibbs that are otherwise getting hard to find. The price is right, too. Under $15.00 in most stores (not including shipping).


The Aqua Plumb faucet warranty was nowhere to be found on the company's website or in its faucet catalog.

We found it at the back of the installation instructions that came with our test faucets.

Making the warranty available to a buyer only after the faucet has been purchased and delivered does not comply with the Mag­nu­son-Moss War­ranty Act (15 U.S.C. §2301) which governs the content and form of consumer product warranties in the United States.

The law's pre-sale availability rules require consumer product warranties to be made available to a prospective buyer before a product is purchased. This can be done in several ways, but the most common and easiest to implement by distributors like World and Main is to publish the warranty online with a conspicuous link to the warranty from every faucet shown on the site for sale.

The second and more serious problem is World and Main's attempt to exclude state law implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose with the following language (in all caps, so you can't miss it) under the heading "Warranty Exclusions:"


Aqua Plumb vs. Moen

The Aqua Plumb 8" 558010 kitchen faucet shown above is equipped with a generic Chinese ceramic cartridge and has POM (e.g. plastic) waterways. It is a copy of the classic Moen Chateau faucet shown below.

The Moen faucet has metal waterways and the well-regarded Moen Duralast® ceramic cartridge.

The difference in quality is reflected in the price of the two faucets. The Aqua Plumb faucets sells at about $55.00, the Moen around $90.00.

Mag­nu­son-Moss does not allow a company that provides a written warranty to reject (lawyers say "disclaim") state law implied warranties of any kind, and especially not those of merchantability and fitness.

Written warranties offered by a seller like World and Main are intended to supplement implied warranties. They are "in addition to" not "in place of" state law warranties. So the language in the Aqua Plumb warranty that seeks to substitute the Aqua Plumb's written warranty for state law implied warranties is just a bluff to make you think that state law warranties do not apply. It has no legal effect.

The most Aqua Plumb can do according to the Mag­nu­son-Moss is limit the duration of the implied warranties to the same term as its written limited warranty.

If the Aqua Plumb warranty on a part is five years, the state's implied warranties on that part can also be limited to five years. If the Aqua Plumb warranty on a part is "for as long as the original consumer owns the faucet", then the implied warranties can be limited to the same term.

That's the one and only modification of state law warranties that Aqua Plumb can legally make.

That modification is not automatic, however. Aqua Plumb has to put the limiting language in its warranty. It has not done so. There is not a single word in the Aqua Plumb warranty suggesting that the duration of state law implied warranties is limited in any way.

In consequence, state law warranties have whatever duration the state provides. Sometimes this duration is less than "as long as the original consumer owns the faucet", but most of the time it is much longer and passes the warranty protection to any subsequent owner of the faucet.

What this means to you, a potential buyer is that not only do you have the warranty protection offered by the company, but also all of the protections provided by state law in your state's implied warranties of merchantability and fitness.

Despite the problems with its warranty, we think that the consumer shopping for a low-cost faucet with reasonable reliability could do much worse than an Aqua Plumb faucet. The brand is supported by a lifetime warranty from a company that has been around for a long time and is in no danger of disappearing any time soon.

We would, however, limit our selection to a faucet with a ceramic cartridge and stay far away from plastic faucets.

Testing & Certification

Comparable Faucets

Fully certified, safe and lead-free faucets made in China that are comparable to Aqua Plumb faucets include any of the following:

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Aqua Plumb faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.