Kalia Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 03/28/18

Kalia, Inc.
1355 2nd Street Industrial Park
Sainte-Marie, Quebec G6E 1G9
(877) 465-2542
Business Type
Product Range
Kitchen, Bath, Prep and Bar Faucets
Street Price
$160 - $410
Warranty Score
Mechanical Parts
Proof of Purchase
1. "Kalia Inc. guarantees all aspects of its faucets to be free of defects in material and workmanship for normal residential use for as long as the original consumer-purchaser owns his or her home."

This Company In Brief

Kalia is a family-owned and -operated Canadian company that sells faucets, tub fillers, bathtubs, showers, shower enclosures, and other bathwares through showrooms and plumbing supply dealers, and over the internet. It designs its own very contemporary faucets in Canada and has them manufactured in China.

Kalia is a family-owned and -operated Canadian company located in Quebec that designs faucets that it then has manufactured in China and Taiwan by well-regarded faucet manufacturers. The owners, David and Marie-France Poulin and Bruno Raby were formerly associated with MAAX Bath, Inc., a leading Canadian manufacturer of bathwares. The family sold its interest in 2004, and some of its members founded Kalia, Inc. in 2007.

It sells faucets, tub fillers, bathtubs, showers, shower enclosures, and other bathwares through showrooms and plumbing supply dealers, and over the internet. A dealer locator is available on its website.

The faucets are organized in six bath and eight kitchen collections. Most bath collections include coordinated faucets, tub fillers, showers and accessories. Kitchen collections often include both full-sized faucets for your cleanup sink and its smaller version (a "junior") for your prep sink with assurance that they will coordinate nicely. There is plenty of room in each collection for additions over time, which is clearly the company's intent.

Most Kalia faucets are very contemporary, although some, such as the Bellino wide-spread lavatory faucets evoke Art Deco styling and would be quite a home in an Arts & Crafts or Mid-Century Modern bath. For the kitchen, our kitchen designers especially like the very interesting Elito collection featuring high-arc faucets with a distinctive styling difference, especially in the Elito Surfer and Elito Diver.

Some of Kalia's designs are somewhat tentative — tweaks on existing faucet styles — but many are truly distinctive while staying firmly rooted in Northern European design tradition, so they are at the same time refreshingly innovative and comfortably familiar.

Four of Kalia's faucet collections: the Elito, Kachet, Neris, and Monark are designed and prototyped in Canada by the company's in-house Studio Team.

Industrial designer Rémi Théberge of Montreal created the Cité, Umani, and Bellino faucet collections. M. Théberge also designs for faucets and for the Italian faucet manufacturer Rubinetterie 3M (Treemme). He is the winner of numerous international design awards for his bathware designs, including two Good Design awards in 2014. Good Design is sponsored by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and is the oldest and most prestigious of the international design competitions.

Yatin Bath Corporation, Ltd. created the distinctive Kurve kitchen faucet (pictured above). Yatin and its designer, Yu Qing, are starting to make a name for themselves in international design circles. One of Yaatin's faucet designs received honorable mention in 2014 at the very competitive international Red Dot Award competition. The Red Dot, sponsored by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany, is one of the most sought-after design awards, attracting as many as 17,000 entries that are judged by a panel of 40 noted international designers. Six Yatin faucets were nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland (German Design Prize) in 2012, and in 2007 a Yu Qing fau­cet won the German IF design award. The judges observed that the faucet

....conveys the Oriental spirit, synthesizing fashion with science. The simplest curve creates a harmonious appearance — a classic fusion of East and West.

The Kurve (pictured above) is the only faucet sold by Kalia not designed in Canada. Was at one time sold by Build.com, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., as the MK-750 Baffi commercial faucet. Build.com has confirmed that it acquired MK-750 faucets from "a French Canadian company". The faucet is no longer in the Miseno catalog and may have been discontinued. The faucet is still available from Kalia.

The company has selected well-regarded manufacturers to make its faucets, including: