Cheviot Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 12/30/18

Taiwan Flag
Cheviot Products, Inc.
1594 Kebet Way
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5
(800) 444-5969
(604) 464-8966
(604) 464-8993
Business Type
Product Range
Bath Faucets
Street Price
$80 - $500
Warranty Score
1 year1
1 year
Mechanical Parts
1 year
Proof of Purchase
1. "Our fixtures are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year. … Any parts that are proven defective by our inspection in material or workmanship and have not been subjected to abusive treatment or faulty installation, will be replaced free of charge but with no allowance for labor, other expenses or losses…

This Company In Brief

Cheviot Products, Inc. is a Canadian company that sells decorative plumbing products in Canada and the U.S. from its primary place of business near Vancouver, BC.

Cheviot products are widely available online at decorative plumbing retailers, home furnishing stores and sites such as Amazon that host third-party sellers. We have not fond them at any brick and mortar plumbing supply or home improvement retailer.

The Cheviot faucet warranty is for one year which is substantially below the standard North American limited lifetime warranty.

Cheviot Products, Inc., organized in 1984 by Jameel Amlani is an importer, distributor and retailer of decorative plumbing products including bathtubs, sinks, toilets, showers, tub fillers, sink faucets and accessories such as towel racks and robe hooks from its office-warehouse near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Its emphasis is clearly on pedestal tubs and the fittings such as fillers and drains that accompany these types of tubs. It also sells sinks and toilets that complement the tubs.

The range is from Victorian clawfoot to contemporary and Asian-style tubs, sinks and toilets. Faucets are almost a sideline, provided just to round out the company's offerings and provide customers with one-stop-shop convenience.

It imports its products from at least eight countries including China, Columbia, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, and Brazil. None of its products are made in the U.S. or Canada.

Its principal suppliers Cheviot's ware, other than faucets, over the past five years have been:

Its faucets, showers, and tub fillers are supplied by:

These are all manufacturers with international reputations for manufacturing good quality faucets. The designs, however, while crisp and refined are in no way distinctive. A large number of similar designs are made in China and Taiwan by dozens if not hundreds of faucet manufacturers large and small.

The Orient is not known for its design prowess. Chinese and Taiwanese faucet manufacturers that create distinctive, original faucet designs are few and far between, and rarely imported in North America. Asian faucet styles tend to stick closely to the middle of the road and follow the pack rather than lead it. The goal of Chinese faucet manufacturers is to sell as many faucets as possible, which means keeping their designs well within the design mainstream to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Most designs manufactured in Taiwan originated in Europe or North America. A design that does well in these major markets will eventually show up in Taiwanese faucets. It takes from three to five years, by which time, of course, the design is no longer new.

Cheviot faucets are each manufacturer's faucets. They are neither designed by nor expressly for Cheviot. Similar if not identical faucets are sold by other North American faucet companies that import from Asia.

The Cheviot faucets we examined in preparation for this report contained fairly average Taiwanese cartridges. Each of Cheviot's faucet suppliers offers an option to include top quality cartridges such as those made by Kerox Kft in Hungary or the brass cartridges made by the German firm, Flühs Drehtechnik, GmbH, generally thought of as the manufacturer of the world's best single function stem cartridge. However, we did not find these or similar top quality cartridges in any Cheviot faucet. The cartridge is the heart of a modern faucet and should be the best available to ensure a long life between cartridge replacements. We judge the cartridges used in Cheviot's faucets to be not better than five-year cartridges.

Finishes available include the basics: polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and a finished named antique bronze which is a darker, nearly black, bronze. Special finishes and are not offered. All faucets are available in chrome, some in nickel and a few in the bronzes.

The Cheviot website gets good marks for design. It is crisp and sharp, very stylish and a credit to its designer, Array Web + Designer. Navigation is not intuitive. Product display is controlled by a convenient filter menu at the left of each page. Content gets a lower score, however. The information provided about its faucets is deficient — not nearly adequate to permit an intelligent and informed buying decision.

Faucets are pictured in one 3/4 view amplified in some instances by additional images that display when the More Images icon is clicked. Often, however, the additional images are the same 3/4 view in a different finish and in some instances, the "additional" image is the exact same image already shown.

Multiple views showing several aspects of the faucet and additional images of the installed faucet are necessary to fully visualize the faucet. Even better are the 360° views provided by companies such as Clicking on the 360° icon displays the faucet in a box that allows the viewer to rotate the faucet with the mouse to view it from any angle. No more imagining what the back of the faucet looks like, just rotate it with the mouse until the back is revealed. The feature takes the guesswork out of selecting a faucet from a few static images.

The description provided for each faucet is minimal, sometimes no information other than flow rate. In other instances, the type of cartridge (ceramic) and the notation "cUPC approved" appears in the description. Virtually all modern faucets contain a ceramic cartridge, so that information is not particularly useful, and Cheviot faucets are not certified as complying with cUPC requirements so that bit of information is untrue and deceptive.

Each faucet pages has a link .pdf "specifications" that may be downloaded. This is where we expect to see detail about a faucet: cartridge source, available finishes, certifications, connection size, number of holes required, pop-up or no pop-up drain, weight, overall height, and so on. Cheviot, however, provides only a measured drawing, useful in determining whether a faucet will fit the viewer's sink but not what we think of as actual specifications.

No access to installation instructions is provided. An advance look at installation instructions is useful to determine whether there are any installation requirements that may need special tools. Instructions also usually contain an exploded parts diagram, useful for a number of purposes including ordering replacement parts if a component is missing, damaged or defective.

As of the date of this report, Cheviot products are widely available. Our research shows them available at online decorative plumbing product suppliers such as Quality Bath, Vintage Tub & Bath, eFaucets, LBAuthority PlumbTile, Period Bath, and Lowes (Canada) (online only). They may also be found at online home furnishings outlets like The Mine (a Lowes subsidiary), and Houzz, and Historic Houseparts. Cheviot sells at retail directly to consumers through websites that host third-party sellers such as Amazon and Houzz. We found no brick and mortal plumbing supply houses that carry Cheviot products.

Faucet comparable to Cheviot include

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Cheviot faucets, good, bad or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.