Brizo Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 03/19/18

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Best Value Logo Our panel of homeowners and industry professionals has recognized Brizo Fau­cets as the best value in luxury faucets manufactured or assembled in North American.
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This Company In Brief

Brizo is Delta's line of premium faucets — the top end of the Peerless-Delta-Brizo lineup — intended to compete with the European designer brands and Kohler's high style Kallista line. It is one of the best values in American-made designer faucets, combining Delta's solid faucet mechanics and world-class customer support with cutting-edge, award-winning design. With nearly indestructible PVD finishes and Delta's Diamond Seal Technology® ceramic disc cartridges, these are true lifetime faucets supported by Delta's comprehensive lifetime warranty on every part and component (except electronics).

Brizo is a Masco brand really just the name given to Delta's high-end designer faucets. Not that this is anything to be ashamed of. Delta sells a very good faucet — in fact, tied with as the most popular faucet in the U.S., and our selection for the best value in a mid-priced faucet made in North America every year since 2007.

Brizo faucets combine Delta's mechanical reliability with some cutting-edge design. The Brizo collections include traditional and transitional styles as well as contemporary designs. There is at least one Brizo model suitable for about any decor from Victorian to urban chic. Contemporary designs include the stark, minimalist, industrial forms characteristic of European and many Asian faucets but also the graduated curves and softer lines more typical of American product design.

The collection is about as designer as it gets, featuring among other offerings, the award-winning Artesso Articulating Faucet (pictured at left) that won the KBIS gold award for Best of Kitchen in 2015. Its in-house staff of designers and engineers is headed by Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design for Delta Faucet who has led the team to a number of recent design awards including four Design Journal Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX); the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), the Catalyst Award from the Industrial Designer Society of America; and a prestigious Good Design Award presented by a consortium composed of the Chicago Athenaeum, the Museum of Architecture and Design, and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Brizo also employs outside designers, the most notable of which is design-phenom, Jason Wu, whose collection, Jason Wu for Brizo, unveiled in 2010, is worth a look for those interested in some advanced design. His Loki series of bath faucets and accessories has won numerous international design awards.

Most Brizo faucets are assembled and finished at Brizo's highly automated assembly plant in Jackson, Tennessee. Some of the components used in the faucets are also made in Jackson, and at Delta's plant in Greensburg, Indiana. But, some are also imported from Asia.

Brizo Chinese component suppliers include Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen and Bath Products Co., Ltd, a very large, well-respected manufacturer of faucets and faucet parts; and from Lota International Co. Ltd. an even larger Taiwanese supplier of faucets and components.

Some Brizo faucets contain enough U.S.-made components to qualify under the Buy America Act as "Made in U.S.A." but the vast majority are merely "Assembled in U.S.A.". Industry rumor, circulating for a number of years, is that an increasing number of Brizo faucets are being bought fully assembled, finished and packaged from Asian suppliers. If it's true, Brizo is hiding it well. We have found no evidence from certification or import records that Brizo is buying faucets overseas. However, check the faucet you are thinking of buying for "Made in [Some-Other-Country]". Foreign-made faucets must by law be identified by country of origin.

All Brizo Kitchen sink faucets have now been converted to use the Delta Diamond Seal® (DST) ceramic disk cartridges made in Indiana. The plan is to convert all bath faucets but this is still a work in progress. Brizo makes it easy to identify faucets that include a DST cartridge by adding "DST" to the end of the model number. One disk in the two-disk set is diamond coated, a feature that Delta says helps keeps the disks absolutely smooth since the diamond-coated disk continuously scrubs and polishes the other disk so they always mesh perfectly. It also continuously grinds away any mineral deposits that may insinuate themselves between the disks. The more you use it, the smoother it gets and the more effectively it seals, according to the company.

Delta has had this cartridge tested through 5 million cycles — about 10 times the lifespan of a typical ceramic cartridge and equivalent to about 700 years of daily use in your kitchen. But, if it does break and you ever need to change the cartridge, it's very easy to do, and the new cartridge is free to the original owner of the faucet for as long as he or she owns the faucet. Delta has produced a video showing how easy it is to change a DST cartridge, which you can view here. (For more information on ceramic disc cartridges, see The Ceramic Disk Cartridge.)

Brizo offers over 20 standard finishes for its faucets, including nine Most of these are Delta's patented Brilliance® finishes developed by Vapor Technologies, Inc., another Masco company that has been at the forefront of Physical Vapor Deposition coating technologies since 1986. finishes are almost science fiction. The finish is vaporized into individual atoms and deposited on the faucet in a very thin coating that is so dense that it is 20 times more scratch and dent resistant than chrome.

No Brizo faucet is available in every finish. The Jason Wu for Brizo collection, for example, comes in just one finish, black. Most faucets are available in. Chrome, then the choice of finish is determined by the faucet and is displayed on the company website for each faucet.

Delta claims that independent tests show that the Brilliance. finish stands up to drain cleaners, over 100 common household cleaners and even repeated scouring with steel wool. A Brilliance finish is guaranteed not to corrode, tarnish or discolor for as long as you own the faucet. If it does, Brizo will immediately replace it. It can even withstand prolonged exposure to harsh coastal environments. Our experience is that the Brilliance finish is nearly indestructible in normal (and even abnormal) use. A case-hardened file will do some damage but not much else.

All pull-out and pull-down sprays on Brizo kitchen and bar faucets now feature magnetic locking that securely holds the spray wand in place when not in use. The durable rare-earth magnets are, according to Brizo, made to last forever, while keeping the spray head always perfectly aligned in the faucet spout, preventing it from drooping. One problem with the spray wands, however, is that they are now all plastic. Unfortunately plastic has become the norm in spray heads, used in even up-scale faucets like Brizo, because it does not get uncomfortably hot when in use. The trade-off, however, is a wand that is not nearly as durable as a brass or stainless wand.

The Brizo warranty is the same as the Delta warranty, generally acknowledged as one of the strongest in the industry. Everything (except electronic components) in a Delta/Brizo faucet is warranted against failure for as long as you own it. If something breaks, a call to Brizo/Delta warranty support will get you instant help, and replacement parts in about three working days.

Delta's is one of the most praised customer service organizations in the industry. We rank it just behind Moen customer service for product knowledge, helpfulness, and efficiency. Delta faucets (and Brizo is a Delta faucet in everything but looks) are also considered by most plumbers to be the easiest of all faucet lines to service and repair. Most parts of a Delta faucet are exchangeable. Take out the old part, slip in the new part. All done.

Delta Faucet Company, including Brizo faucets, was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a WaterSense® Partner of the Year for 2013.

Brizo faucets comply with the very low flow rates required in California under Title 20. Look for any faucet containing "ECO" as part of the model number.

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If you have experience with Brizo faucets, good, bad or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.