Banner Faucets Review & Rating Updated: [00/00/18

Taiwan Flag
Banner International LLC
Trading as
Banner Faucet Company
2603 Technology Drive
Plano, TX 75074
Business Type
Product Range
Kitchen, Bath, Prep, Bar, Laundry and Utility Faucets
Street Price
$20 - $300
Warranty Score
2 Years
Mechanical Parts
Handles, Trim Parts
Proof of Purchase
1. "[W]wrranted to the original consumer purchaser for as long as they own their home&hellip [R]eplacement parts will be sent at no charge with a shipping and handling fee, starting at $9.95."
2. "Lifetime Warranty also excludes the finish which is covered by a two year warranty"

This Company In Brief

Banner Faucets was established in 1984 as a division of Woodmark International, LP. It became a separate company in 2013 when it was reorganized as Banner International, LLC. It sells faucets and other sanitary wares imported from Taiwan.

Banner Faucets was established as a division of Woodmark International, LP in 1984. It became a separate company under the woodmark umbrella in 2013 when it was reorganized as Banner International, LLC. It sells economy faucets and other sanitary wares imported from Taiwan. Its primary market appears to be multi-family housing units.

The faucets are manufactured by Chung Cheng Faucet Co., Ltd. a Taiwanese manufacturer making faucets in Taichung since its founding in 1978.

Banner faucet designs are not stylish. Many look like they would have been at home in a catalog circa 1965. The lack of design originality, however, is not unusual in Asian faucets. Asian designs tend to be middle-of-the-road and to follow the pack rather than lead it. The goal of Asian OEM/ODM faucet manufacturers is to sell as many faucets as possible, which means keeping their designs well within the mainstream to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.

Banner faucets may not be long on style but they are of reasonable quality, especially for the price. They are arranged in three collections.

The Castille Collection is the Banner's "premium" Line of Faucet products featuring brass construction and ceramic disc cartridges. Brass construction does not mean that every part is made of brass. Ancillary parts that do not need the strength of brass are generally cast from a zinc alloy.

The Banner Collection is composed of economy faucets. Those with acrylic handles are made of a zinc alloy, probably ZMAC (that banner calls "hybrid" construction). ZAMAC is not as strong as brass and while fine for ancillary parts of a faucet such as handles and base plates, it is not as suitable as brass for parts that are subject to water pressure such as faucet bodies and spouts. Single handle Banner collection faucets are equipped with a ball valve. This is very old technology invented by Landis Perry in 1952 and used in Delta faucets for many years. Ball valves are rare today. They have been replaced by the more robust and longer-lasting ceramic disc mixing cartridge almost everywhere, including today's Delta faucets.

The Liberty Collection is a mix of "specialty" faucets. These have include utility faucets that are raw brass and not very pretty but heavy and robust, intended for out-of-sight uses such as in a laundry sink. The collection also includes wall-mounted and plastic faucets. Plastic faucets — used primarily in mobile homes and RVs — are not a part of this review and were not considered when assigning Banner a quality score. The utility brass and wall-mounted faucets are equipped with old-style compression values that require washer replacement from time to time.

For more information on faucet materials, see Faucet Basics, Part 1: What Are Faucets Made Of?. For more information on faucet valves and cartridges, see Faucet Basics, Part 2: Faucet Valves & Cartridges.

Banner lavatory faucets are WaterSense® qualified and some faucets, especially those with wrist blade handles, are suitable under ADA standards for persons with physical limitations. Banner is listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a WaterSense Partner.

The finishes available are the standards: polished chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze along with what the company terms "antique brass" and "vintage bronze". Vintage bronze as not as dark as Banner's oil rubbed bronze. Antique brass looks, as expected, like mildly aged brass. All faucets are available in at least one of the standard finishes, some in just one and some in all three. Vintage bronze and antique brass are available on a few faucets here and there. Unfortunately, there is no search function on the Banner website, and, therefore, no means by which to search out all of the faucets and other fittings that have a particular finish.

Banner offers a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts of its faucets. It does not include "handles, spouts, trim, etc." We are not sure what the "etc" includes. The term "mechanical parts" is not defined but we take it to mean any moving part. Finishes are warranted for just two years. Replacement parts provided under warranty are subject to a "shipping and handling fee, starting at $9.95." We think this penny-pinching warranty is stunningly insufficient compared to the standard limited lifetime North American warranty that covers all parts and finishes.

The company website is strangely organized but navigation is reasonably intuitive. There is no search function, and its absence is strongly felt when trying to find specific finishes or all faucets with ceramic cartridges.

The website provides a single 3/4 view image for each faucet. The lack of multiple views, including views of the installed faucet, making it harder to visualize how it might fit your bathroom or kitchen. The description of each faucet is grossly insufficient to make an intelligent buying decision, and the link to .pdf specifications is little help. In most cases, it opens nothing more than a parts diagram or dimensioned drawing of the faucet.

Clicking on an individual faucet redirects to the Houzz website where, again, the description of and specifications for the faucet are only minimally helpful. Typically there is no information about the material from which the faucet is made, its cartridge, aerator, or flow rate. It would be nice to know if the faucet is brass or stainless, for example, if it contains any zinc or zinc alloys, and its certifications.

There is no "Where to Buy" on the Banner website, so the best option for finding retail sources of Banner Aqua faucets is probably going to be Google. We found the faucets offered for sale online at Amazon, BHG, and Houzz, at online plumbing supply venues such as Faucet Line, Vintage Tub, and Plumbing Supply as well as in independent hardware and plumbing supply stores. A full line of Banner repair and replacement kits is available through online vendors such as Home Fixit Parts

Our conclusion is that there is very little reason to buy these faucets for home installation. We can see Banner faucets being selected for a budget motel or hotel. Ball valves are often preferred in these applications and the lack of an adequate warranty does not matter. But we don't think Banner faucets are a prime choice for residential use on owner-occupied dwellings. Equally inexpensive Asian-made faucets are widely available, most with the more up-to-date ceramic cartridge technology. As for Banner's premium Castille Collection, the technology is up to date but the styling is dated and bland. For roughly the same price, many lines of more interesting Asian faucets are widely available.

Fully certified, safe and lead-free faucets made in Taiwan and China that are comparable to Banner's faucets include any of the following:

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Banner faucets, good, bad or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.